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Contact For CIS Services

CIS prides itself on responding quickly to serious inquiries for services. Since many of the issues we solve are complex and outside the budget of most individuals, the majority of our clients are attorneys and businesses.

CIS is structured into divisions that perform many different types of services.   To be able to address your specific matter, we will need to connect you to the right specialist within our company.   When you complete a web form, or leave us a message, please provide sufficient information so that we can route it to the right specialists.

For all Cyber Related Investigations and Intelligence Needs:

1.  email us at

2.  Provide a brief summary of case as well as what you are hoping CIS can accomplish for you.

3.  Your information will then be routed to the right specialists

For E-Commerce Enforcement For Corporations

1.  E-mail us at (

2.  If no one is currently available, leave us a message and we will return it promptly.