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Contact For CIS Services

CIS prides itself on being able to provide world-class cyber investigation services to its corporate, legal and high-net-worth clients. Due to the volume of cases that we receive, the boutique nature of our services and client budgetary constraints we can only respond to a few inquiries each month.

If you have an investigative case that you would like us to consider please email us at

1. Please provide the name of your company, law firm, or organization that you represent.

2.  What civil or criminal actions have you filed, place and case number.

3. What are you hoping we can help you with?

4. Any budgetary constraints that you may have.

If we are able to take your case we will have a Sr. Investigator respond within (1-2) Business Days to your inquiry.

For E-Commerce Enforcement Of Unauthorized Sellers or Counterfeiter Goods

1.  E-mail us at (

2.  Provide us a brief description of what services you are needing help with.

We will have an e-commerce enforcement specialist reach out to you within (1) business day.